What do you say when you have nothing to say? Repurpose!

It is funny that over the last number of days I keep telling myself that I need to do a blog entry – something witty, educational, outstanding and full of “thought provoking” moments, but nothing. Nada. Zilch. Nothing has come to me. Because I am too busy? There is too much noise out there already? (I have already blogged about the noise!) Everyone else is saying everything so well?

I realized that this is the same situation that many of vendor clients must run into when considering how to keep a strong stream of content and information getting out there. What content will peak the interest of your prospects? What newsworthy information do you want to share in a Press Release? What kind of content is NEW and EXCITING for a webinar? It is difficult.

As we all know – Content is King – as the HRmarketer blog has shared before, and it is true but how do you get some great stuff out there when you are just “dry”.

Some ideas could be:

1/ Do a Tip Sheet – a one pager that will give you the top 10 of something – thank you to David Letterman. This allows very small and easily digestible bits of information to be used.

2/ Take a piece that has been published before and add updated, new and exciting information to it. New stats – new quotes – news that makes the topic and content ALIVE again.

3/ Take a piece that you have published and create an article to be offered to the many media outlets in the space. Our HRmarketer.com software resource tool tells me that there are 690 HR and Business focused media outlets and 381 of them consider and accept outside articles for publication. HOLY CRAP! (you know you wanted to say that!)

4/ Take a very successful webinar and create a series of Podcasts with the same content. Build that buzz, and create a following to your expertise.

5/ What about creating a series of blogs around the content? Most content pieces can be broken down into logical sections. Nothing new here, it is being done but are you doing it?

6/ Use the exciting information that you have created in a content piece/client story and submit speaking proposals to present them to the industry conferences and expos.

I know, I know, I am preaching to the choir and telling you something that you already knew – but have you done it? Look back in your archives of content pieces and consider – can I make this relevant again. AND if you don’t have any content to back on, then that is a totally different blog!!!!

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