Stop the Noise!!! I want to hear something distinctive.

It was an interesting day the other day as I sat at my home office thinking about my goals, objectives and focuses for an even more successful 2011, and I was having a very difficult time keeping my attention to the task that I had set for myself. I was distracted by the dog coming to visit me; by my husband working in his workshop hammering, sawing (and some periodic swearing); by the very quiet music that I have in the background of the office and I just couldn’t focus. I started thinking that this must be how the consumers feel when trying to do some research for a buying decision – noise, noise, noise.

I think my best way of describing what I am looking for is – be distinctive, create information that is credible, informative, educational and perhaps puts a NEW LOOK to the situation. It is interesting that just today I was reading through a draft of an e-book that HRmarketer and my CEO, Mark Willaman, is creating as research to post on our site soon(and we give it away for free if you didn’t know, under White Papers and Downloads) and he talks about noise, and white noise on ALL LEVELS of MARKETING and how to do you cut through that to reach your targeted buyer. The e-book will talk about marketing allocation and all the different ways to try to promote your company, your solutions and that you are the best, awesomest, grooviest (for my friend Kevin), different, the one and only.

These marketing tactics can be old school – like branding in print, on radio and on billboards which still have their place in the perfect budget. They can be traditional or “old faithful” like print, emails, speaking, trade-show exhibiting, media outreach and more. OR the new kids on the block and innovative (though not as much as before) social media reach in blogs, Twitter, online groups, podcasts and SEO.

And they are all noise, noise, noise, unless you have something to say; unless you have something to educate; unless you have something of value to provide and add.

We have preached on this blog before about the Holy Grail of content and I have to put in my vote to say that around all of this noise, if you can provide content that validates who you are as a company (client stories); that you have knowledge of the true issues in the space (speaking, research reports); and that you can provocatively and eloquently discuss, comment on and challenge the ever changing views in your space (blogs, twitter, press releases) then you have my attention.

Don’t be part of the noise – be like a wonderful and unforgettable classical aria in a 16thcentury composition, and rise above it.

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