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In a recent blog post, The Results Are In! Trends in HR Marketing 2010/2011 Survey (niche mktg is back), I touched upon the topic of niche marketing and how some HR vendors are effectively incorporating niche marketing into their overall strategy.

This post is a commercial for a new feature we just launched on our HRmarketer.com software that makes it easy for HR suppliers to build industry-specific (niche) marketing campaigns.

We have assigned industry channel "tags" to all the resources we currently track in our Information Databases such as media outlets and conferences/trade shows. This helps marketers quickly find relevant information for their niche marketing campaigns.

For example, a human resource company targeting the "hourly" marketplace can select tags such as hourly, healthcare, retail, food services, hospitality or transportation to get an instant list of key media outlets, journalists and conferences in these segments. A user can then add selected resources to a list of favorites and create targeted media lists or find EdCal opportunities.

It may not sound like much but its a big deal. You can find in minutes what would otherwise take days or weeks of research. I know this because it took our own research team weeks of research time to identify all these niche resources - and they are experts at this sort of stuff!

Check it out by watching the video on this post.

Niche marketing shouldn't replace your current strategy. Much like social media has broadened your marketing "tool-kit" beyond the traditional vehicles of print advertising and tradeshows, niche marketing broadens your reach by taking your message direct to specific industries - where you may face less competition and find new opportunities.

If niche marketing is not a part of your marketing plan in 2011 and you need guidance on making it a part of your plan, give us a call.

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