Unemployment/Reemployment - Is this new to everyone?

I recently came back from the HRTechnology Conference in Chicago, and as usual, it was a kaleidoscope of large booths, new products, acquisitioned companies smiling, HR practitioners on the floor ready to buy AND Parties. Yes, there were great sessions, fabulous shoot outs and debates and the opportunity to watch the LIVE FEED of Tweets from the attendees. (by the way, this had to be one of the most entertaining ways to see what was happening all HRTech all the time.)

I did learn so much from talking to my prospects and clients on the exhibit floor, and one of the new things I learned was the term "Reemployment". First I was jealous that I did NOT think of that myself and be seen in the space as brilliant, and then I realized that the term really is not as new as me (obviously) but filled with wonderful possibilities.

There are a number of companies, especially around the government, that deal with "Reemployment" as the services of making yourself "re-employable", working at it all on your own. When I was speaking to TALX at the HRTech Conference, Pam explained to me the introduction of "Reemployment Services" as part of their cost management offerings. WHAAAA - you mean that there is a HCM vendor that offers you something that you in turn can offer your employees to help them when they are laying off some of the employee base? Yup - TALX, provider of Equifax Workforce Solutions.

TALX offers this service along with their Unemployment Cost Management service offering training and coaching of laid-off employees, helping them to find a job quicker, reducing the duration of unemployment benefits. This is helping corporations in being pro-active in assisting former employees to get back on their feet. Think about it - this service will quickly pay for itself through reduced unemployment taxes. LIKE IT - mmmmmmm - me too!

Layoffs in today's workforce is unavoidable, but with this service, getting people one-on-one job coaching, help in creating an effective resume, prepping for the interview, Software Training, and pushing into how to network to land some of those hidden jobs is truly a "life-saver", especially if you are the one reading this, and are on the end of the layoff.

One of the things that I liked alot at HRTech - Reemployment!!!!