Who'sa comin' to Chicago and HRTech Conference

I have attended the HRTech Conference for - OMGosh - about 7 years now, and I do have to say there is always this spin of excitement for me at this conference that I don't always feel at others when I know that I am going to be spending 2 days talking, talking and talking. The difference between HRTech and so many other conferences, I find that with the talking comes learning, learning and learning. Learning about the space, about the new and innovative products coming in the space and about the changes and trends that will dictate the future of the space.

If you have ever attended HRTech, there is no way that you don't get what I am saying. I mean, if you have found this blog because of a search of HRTech, you totally get it. The program of the conference is deep, rich and varied and truly will change/validate your understanding of technology in Human Capital Management.

One of the splendid things about this event are the SHOOT OUTS - oh ya! Putting vendors head to head with only the HR practitioner attendees to "vote" on who totally understands the pain points of HR departments and have dealt with it in a product that will be user friendly and valuable, and can articulate how the two components come together. This is really the opportunity for the presenters to step out of their box and truly be put to task with hard hitting and pointed questions from the audience. Almost as tense and stressful to watch as any Friday night UFC match. AND sometimes as much of a "train wreck".

This year is also somewhat suspenseful because we are all very anxious to see how the integrations of the recent acquisitions are coming along - Learn.com to Taleo; Salary.com to Kenexa; Workscape to ADP; and Softscape to SumTotal. I am sure we will see smiling exec's in the booths, but are they playing nice in the "sand box"? Keep your eyes open and make your own impression.

PS - watch for new product announcements from some large and leading companies - Kronos, Lawson, SuccessFactors and Taleo (boy Taleo is going to be busy) and HRTech is always the best place to do these kind of announcements with the number of journalists, editors and analysts that hang out there - perfect time.

Hope to see you in Chicago - and just contact me if you want to sit down and chat about things, PR, the world, marketing, organic SEO and UFC. Windy city here I come.

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