“What I Know About Getting A Job” – The eBook

When Rich DeMatteo -- the creator of the job search, recruiting and HR blog Corn On The Job -- approached me months ago to write a few hundred words for him and Penelope Trunk at the Brazen Careerist about career advice and "what I knew about getting a job" I thought: Right on.

What I submitted ended up being unconventional anecdotal advice, but for someone who grew up channeling the middle-of-the-road spirit of Richie Cunningham, sometimes I like to surprise, be giddy and cut to the left.

My advice became associated with 17 other smarter folk than me in an eBook titled: What I Know About Getting A Job - Advice from the Top Bloggers in Human Resources. It's free to download, so please, be my guest.

It's a great read full of multifaceted gems. Here are a few:

No, I didn't quote myself (wink).

A brief note on the first one, which was Penelope Trunk's advice: It's critical to have a strong set of mentors.

They can come in the form of a formal mentorship program at school or work, or they can be informal mentors, those guides and muses in your life you've grown close to and whose "life" advice is invaluable, a few of which for me are included in this eBook.

True, work can and should hold meaning for you, but it can also be callous and transitory.

Your mentors are a special lot; keep them close to your heart and let them know how much they mean to you.

And become one someday.

"A spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission." ~Neil Peart

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