SHRM Day 2 Update - Wellness, Great Branding

Today's SHRM 2010 update provides a humorous example of the power of brands.

Walking into the SHRM exposition hall Monday morning I saw this (see photo).

Directly in front of the exposition hall were two choices for coffee:

Choice one: A long line with about 25+ people.
Choice two: No line.

Great branding? Herd mentality? Quality? Whatever the reason, this photo illustrates the value of a brand and why marketing is so important.

The last few days I've had several conversations with sales executives from a variety of quite successful human resource vendors who've used's software and services to grow their visibility in the space. One theme that resonates is their respect for the role marketing plays in supporting the sales process. Sure, it is a wonderful feeling when your marketing initiatives deliver immediate leads. But it is equally refreshing when a prospect knows about your company BEFORE you make that call.

Speaking of marketing, we've blogged about how popular preventive wellness services are as company's try and combat rising health care costs and comply with new federal health regulations.

This was clearly evident by the number of health promotion and wellness companies exhibiting at SHRM - more than I recall seeing at previous shows. But what was more revealing was the health and wellness vendors NOT exhibiting at SHRM - or doing much of any marketing these days. Reminds me of a great line from the Nicolas Cage character in the movie Family Man when he reprimands a tired co-worker wanting to leave the office early on Christmas Eve "when a deal like this turns up, you get on it and you ride it till it's over".

Anyway, exhibiting at SHRM will wrap up today - thank goodness because we're tired. But a great show this year. And thanks to all the very generous vendors for the wonderful parties - the two I had the pleasure of attending were Monster's tweetup and NowHire's outdoor event at the Fox Sports Grill. Thanks Monster and NowHire and all the other vendors who exhibit and sponsor activities - you help make these conferences possible.