The got a digital cookie for you. Yum. Yum.

It doesn't take a pulp fiction detective novel to figure out that marketing and recruiting make friendly bedfellows.

In fact, it's much more simple and innocent than that. They tend to skip hand in hand through the school yard playing and playing and generating:

And whether you're a buyer or a job seeker -- the got a digital cookie for you.

Yum. Yum.

Wait, what?

Yesterday the good folks at showed off their Career Ad Network(R) to Steve Boese (HR Technology Blog) and me.

For the most part it was launched last fall, but there are a few new scoobie snacks to announce tomorrow prior to this year's SHRM.

In it's simplest form Monster is taking targeting search engine marketing to the recruitment space with over 3 billion job ad impressions per month.

Yep, over 3 billion. That's a whole lotta yummy cookies.

CAN offers:

Monster's media buying power combined with 60-80 million unique users per month makes for one big Google-like reach.

And it's not just about sending back relevant traffic to your jobs on Monster -- many companies prefer the traffic going to their corporate job site instead and of course Monster can accommodate.

Sure there's still the issue of sorting through quantity versus quality of job applicant (the recruiter's/hiring manager's job), especially in this job market, but for corporate recruiting teams looking to maximize targeted job search traffic for open reqs across multiple disciplines and industries, this could be a playground favorite.

Check out a demo of the Career Ad Network(R) here (which I'm sure will be updated after tomorrow).

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