Don't overthink your social media efforts. Keep it simple, real and human.

Recently I spoke to a company who thought that they needed hundreds of folks participating in their social media marketing effort, like a grassroots political campaign.

And then there was a company who thought they should just start pushing demo campaigns via social media channels.

And lastly there was another company recently who took a completely clinical viewpoint of social media helping to drive website traffic and SEO.

These are smart people who have well-established companies in the HR marketplace, but it begs the question how mainstream is social media marketing in our space?

Or in any space?

It doesn't matter that there are 500 million people on Facebook. It doesn't matter that there are millions using LinkedIn and Twitter.

As far as I'm concerned, social media B2B marketing is still far from mass adoption, although yes, spending is on the rise. Don't forget, it's only one tool in the marketing tool belt.

Let me address the three issues above:

  1. No, you don't need hundreds of social media staffers. You need at least one who is an effective listener and communicator and who can invest at least 30-60 minutes per day monitoring channels and sharing content. By the way, at a minimum your company should have a business blog -- fresh perspective content leads to more readership and search engines eat it up for your benefit.
  2. No, you shouldn't just jump in and start selling stuff. Social media channels are networking channels first and foremost and should be treated as such. You don't go to a face-to-face networking event and immediately start your sales schtick, do you?
  3. No, you shouldn't only focus on SEO value with social media. Yes, you get incremental traffic via sharing content links (downloads, blog posts, etc.), but don't forget point 2 above and leave the human out of the networking.

You can find more tips from me at Because who doesn't want to be on the Celebrity Apprentice? And sit in a social media cuddle chair?

Here are some other important social media tips I came across this morning from the SmartBlog on Social Media:

Don't overthink your social media efforts. Keep it simple, real and human.

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