Ah, the brief bursts of delectable brand on the tips of tongues

We talk so much about detailed value propositions and marketing messaging and content development, that we forget about the age-old advertising tagline. Check out the best-ever here as rated by a group of 10 CMOs and advertising experts.

You know, the brief bursts of delectable brand on the tips of tongues that are more than just fun and flavorful.

They are beyond memorable; iconic beats that are never missed in the great universal musical.

Do you recognize these? These are the tip five from the above link.

One of my favorites -- Think Different -- was in there too at number 7.

But what about our space, the HR marketplace? What are some of the past or current more memorable taglines?

Anyone? Bueller?

By no means did I do a complete review of our space, but here are some faves I spotted yesterday in no particular order (except for the first one, right?). They are a mix of HR suppliers and bloggers.

Do you recognize these?

Do you have a favorite? Send it my way. It may be fun to do our own HR space tagline audit and then vote on them and give away fabulous prizes to the top 5, 10 or 20.

[crickets chirping]

C'mon, it'll be fun.

[house creaking]


[more crickets]


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