Viewing Organizations Through an EAP Lens. Great New Report.

A lot of excellent Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) and Work-Life companies use HRmarketer so we've become quite accustomed to the space.

One of these company's, Harris, Rothenberg International, just released an absolutely fantastic and informative report titled "Working Toward a Culture of Health: Annual Trends Report 2010".

The Great Recession has brought to the workplace a wide array of challenges, some not seen in decades, others completely unprecedented. As employers continues to deal with what some people are calling the “New Normal”, Harris, Rothenberg International's 2010 Annual Trends Report is based on their experiences, observations, and data from thousands of employees across hundreds of businesses who accessed HRI's services the last several years.

Perhaps no other HR vendor has greater insights into the overall health and pulse of an organization than an EAP. An EAP fields hundreds and in some cases thousands of calls from a company's employees and managers on a range of issues from personal family matters to health & wellness to employee/manager relationships. All of which have an impact on employee productivity. As a result, an EAP is privileged to information that even a company's internal HR department and management may not have access to.

And that is what makes this report so valuable.

Some key talking points from the report:
The conclusion of the report focused on the importance of COMMUNICATION with regard to company benefits. Strategies mentioned include:
Both HR managers and HR vendors can learn a lot from this data as they look at strategies to support employees, make employees more productive and tailor other HR services to the real pain points of organizations. Download it here.

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