And another thing. Know the differences and be a leader in media relations.

And another thing...

When I was at WorldatWork this week I had the honor of meeting John Hollon in person, editor and journalist extraordinaire.

If you don't know who John Hollon is, read Sumser's Top 100 Influencers coverage of him and check our John's LinkedIn profile.

With 32 years of journalism under his belt, Hollon is a principled and opinionated influencer. As the editor of Workforce Magazine for the past six years, Hollon shapes and encourages the HR Industry.

John recently became the Vice President for Editorial at ERE Media, Inc. and plans to help launch a very cool new online media endeavor via ERE very soon.

HRmarketer has worked with John for many years, pitching him our client's stories and news, and we've learned a lot from his leadership and business savvy.

So here's the insight I gleaned while talking with John on the expo floor, much of which we've talked about before:

Know the differences and be a leader in media relations. Right on.

Pleasure meeting you in person, John. Good luck to you.

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