You'd think someone left the water running.

California is in its fourth year of drought, and although it's been wetter so far this rainy season, we're still not out of the woods.

Woods that are still dry and brittle, like many businesses today in California and beyond.

2010 may be wetter in regards to the overall economy slowly improving, but the grass is looking greener and greener elsewhere for top talent -- employees and leadership -- wherever that may be.

Companies have to do more with less and are pushing their talent to be more flexible and self-reliant (great post on this subject from Ann Bares at Compensation Café).

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being on DriveThru HR with Bryan Wempen yesterday and two of the things we talked about were:

Following up on my last two posts about failed leadership development and successful leadership development, it's no surprise that we've seen such content marketing success with leadership development firms of late (and new business growth as well).

For example:

1. Glowan Consulting Group

You, Inc.: White Paper from Glowan Consulting Helps Leaders Integrate Work and Personal Lives

Managers and executives struggle with the delicate art of balancing work and personal lives, but a new white paper from Glowan Consulting Group spells out how to successfully integrate the two worlds.

2. LeadershipIQ

New Leadership IQ Research Paper Asks, Are SMART Goals Dumb?

A new study just released by Leadership IQ, a leadership development and research company, reveals startling contradictions to the goal-setting status quo.

3. Impact Achievement Group

Transitioning from Independent Contributor to Manager - Four Principles of Successful Management

Independent contributors can often significantly enhance the success of a workgroup or company. Yet the operative word - independent - may work against them when transitioning to a supervisory role, according to Impact Achievement Group.

For these and other related content marketing campaigns, collectively they've generating broad online visibility and thousands of leads from:

You'd think someone left the water running.

But isn't that preferable to painting the lawn green and putting up a "For Lease" sign?

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