We're hard-wired for pleasure, baby -- ain't that the economical truth.

Can you imagine having to wait 30, 60 or even 360 days to legally launch a business?

And what if you could shorten that length of time with a bribe?

What about paying a bribe just to get your Internet connection set up in a timely fashion, all on top of the standard fees?

Same thing with your phone system. Your office space. Your office supplies. Your employee benefits package.

We can't really imagine, because even though we have our share of corruption and malfeasance in the U.S., the barriers to launch a business are few these days.

In India and other countries around the world, it's just standard practice to cut through the red tape. Bribery is a economic necessity, part of the biz dev machinery.

Capitalism rules the pleasure center. Fewer regulations are a buzz-kill.

Check out the latest podcast from NPR Planet Money on this subject.

But we're better than that, right?

We bribe incentivize our employees with bonuses and prizes and extra time off -- all on top of their salaries and benefits and standard vacation time and the good feeling they should get performing their jobs.

We bribe "wine and dine" our prospects to close, our customers to retain -- all on top of making the business case to them and servicing them well and the good feeling they should get using our products and services.

What am I trying to say? That by our very DNA we are highly competitive and reward-seeking creatures.

We want it all and we want it now.

Business growth only happens with the right team captains and go-to guys and gals, the closers if you will. The rewards are in the tangibles -- albeit a paycheck bump, bonus or a bribe -- the American dream.

And that's okay, as long as we temper it with humanity and the desire to be a better me.

Don't just call me a cynical idealist, call me to do some business.

We're hard-wired for pleasure, baby -- ain't that the economical truth.

Don't forget though, coffee's for closers only. ABC - Always Be Closing.

(Please note that the following clip is not edited for foul language. You've been warned.)

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