Rubbernecking PR and the whiplash ego don't grow the business.

So you're a big HR software supplier with a quality product and you've acquired that controversial firm, the one that used to have a questionable product and a burn rate greater than last year's Station Fire.

The rubbernecking PR campaign turned some heads, but now what? Did lead-gen jump? Revenue?

Most likely crickets started chirping in the smoky ruin faster than you could integrate the controversial train wreck you purchased.

Or maybe you're a new kid on the HR supplier block or a well-established brand that launched a new "bleeding-edge-game-changing" product/service that you're convinced will have analysts and big business media squirming in their seats for more.

More what? The Kool Aid tasted good but did buyer visibility increase? Lead-gen jump? Revenue?

Probably not; I've heard from many a business owner and CEO that big media placements and analyst reviews have their place and value but don't usually contribute to direct growth.

So unless you've got a whiplash ego that likes the quick-stop name-in-lights PR, there is a lot more hard work involved in your marketing and media outreach efforts to generate and nurture potential buyers.

Rubbernecking PR and the whiplash ego don't grow the business.

Okay, you know you wanted me to say it again:

You can't just put dog poop in a box, strap fireworks to it and light the whole friggin' thing on fire and expect to generate long-term publicity, traffic and leads.

It's harder work than you think and can push you to the point of passing out.

Here are some best practices in news distribution and media relations:

Remember, you want to distribute your news releases to relevant bloggers, publishers, journalists and your buyers in order to build awareness of your news. You also want to get your release online so it can be indexed, found and shared.

Lovers of the whiplash ego -- I'm not saying stop with the rubbernecking PR. I'm just saying to accomplish the growth you need to sustain your business, you'll need a well-organized and executed news marketing campaign consisting of a number of different tactics.

(You can find more tips in our article titled Making Sense of Your Press Release Distribution Options.)

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