The final in our latest marketing series, but never the finale.

Ah, the magic of three -- the marketing trilogy.

First, we wrote about SEO and “Marketing” Web Sites – Internet Best Practices for Human Resource Vendors.

Second, we wrote about Using Original Content to Generate Online Visibility, Web Site Traffic and Sales Leads.

Now that we've hit part 3 of our trilogy, we're talking about Using Traditional and Search Engine Marketing (and Social Networking) to Leverage Your Investments in Original Content and SEO.

In other words, you need to plan and execute marketing activities.

You may boast a dazzling, search-optimized website brimming with innovative content, but it may still get overlooked long-term without consistent marketing and PR activities. In fact, your rankings are likely to plateau or even drop off.

Marketing should never be stopped and started because of the lag time between campaigns and sales.

One of the most important principles of marketing is persistence. Most marketing experts agree that a target has to be exposed to your message at least six times before it sinks in.

So read our latest article and get to marketing, and don't forget the marketing mix:

All the kids are doing it.

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