Let's get the economy simmering again with some piping hot referral soup.

When I saw the Tweet from @missusP from PerkettPR about It Is Make A Referral Week from Duct Tape Marketing -- I clicked, read and thought "how cool".

For most SMB, even the mostly tiniest of business growth has been erratic at best. It's almost been like a game of red light, green light from my childhood.

Green light - hey, let's do some business and maybe hire a person or two!


Green light - Go!

Red light - No!

And that unprecedented pattern continues to play out for us and millions and millions of other businesses across the globe. It ain't my earlier incarnation's recovery, that's for sure.

Referrals aren't anything new -- whether it be for business or jobs -- and it's a vital part remodeling the economic kitchen. I see it play out everyday in the HR marketplace. So many good folks out there of late sharing the latest in job opportunities throughout all the social networks.

I read in a recent BusinessWeek article the latest jobless seems to be stabilizing:

The unemployment rate in the U.S. held at 9.7 percent in February and employers cut fewer jobs than anticipated, indicating improvement in the labor market..

The number of temporary workers increased by 48,000 in February, the fifth straight monthly gain. Payrolls at temporary-help agencies often turn up before total employment because companies prefer to see a steady increase in demand before taking on permanent staff...

Yes, there's still the much higher number of temporary and contractors and freelancers (some of which spurs entrepreneurism however) and the whole swath of underemployed, but we're looking for any yummy chicken nuggets of good news (with hot mustard sauce, please).

So refer away with your bad selves and share the menu.

For example, if you're an HR supplier who finds HRmarketer.com's marketing and PR products and services aren't a fit for your firm's palate (and thankfully many of you do), then may I suggest a lovely Starr Tincup or Devon Group dish, or any of the other marketing firms and freelancers out there serving up their own tasty services.

It's the old Macy's / Gimbels Miracle on 34th Street referral -- if we don't have what you need, they might.

"Why thank you, Santa. I'll be back here for sure."

Are you bold enough to do that? Keep sharing because business growth means more jobs and more business and more jobs.

For example, if you're interested in the job below, let me know (it's not posted anywhere, so if you want more info, I'll pass you along). It's in the Northwest and the right applicant needs to have a strong talent management background:

The Vice President of Marketing reports to the CEO and is a member of the Company’s executive team. He/She will be responsible for providing executive leadership and management of the marketing organization and in-bound and out-bound marketing activities worldwide, which includes: Corporate marketing/brand management, partner/channel marketing, product marketing, and lead generation program management.

Let's get the economy simmering again with some piping hot referral soup.

Hmmm, doesn't that social media smell good?

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