Healthcare Overhaul and Opportunities for Benefit Vendors

An article in the LA Times titled Healthcare overhaul law shifts focus to preventing illness and keeping people fit highlights the opportunities the new health care law will offer wellness / employee benefit vendors.

Our HRmarketer Services Group works with several preventative wellness companies and we've witnessed first hand the growing interest in these services the last several years - and that was BEFORE the recent passage of the new healthcare law. Now, we expect a surge in interest for these types of services.

As a result, we believe HR vendors who offer these types of services need to take their marketing and PR up a notch to capitalize on these opportunities.

A few ideas:

  1. Media Relations: Reach out to journalists who write about these topics and present your company as an expert resource to discuss the "preventative" side of healthcare and trends they see with the new health care law. They can speak to how this new law will change the way employers view healthcare and how it may change the way companies allocate benefit dollars.
  2. Educate: Produce useful articles and white papers for employers (your clients and prospects) that help educate them about the new law, understand its implications and how they can make the most of it. And of course, promote this content via search-optimized releases, direct marketing, webcasts, byline articles, blogs, Twitter, etc., etc.

So what exactly are these big changes in the healthcare law? While much attention has focused on big-ticket provisions (e.g., a national mandate for buying insurance), there are also a number of provisions that focus on prevention of illnesses and keeping people fit. This includes grants to small businesses that want to establish wellness programs for workers and incentives for employers to offer as much as 50% off insurance premiums to people who participate in such programs.

But there is a lot more - you just need to figure it all out and then determine how you can incorporate it into your marketing. These marketing opportunities don't come along very often.

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