Be TRU to yourself. Come join a word-food fight at TRU USA.

The 2010 HR marketplace conference season began for me last week at the ERE Expo with a big bang.

So what's next?

The TRU USA Unconference.

Never heard of it? And what's an unconference?

The TRU unconference collective is the brainchild of both Bill Boorman and Geoff Webb, recruitment icons:

An unconference is an event that has no fixed structure and only two rules, no power point and no presentations. The day is split in to sessions during which a series of “tracks” run on a theme with a track leader hosting the discussion, debate and learning. The discussion takes a life of it’s own with atendees bringing their own views, questions and opinions as well as debate.

In other words, a word-food fight. But in a good learning way.

Amazing track leaders and content at this event, which is held in Madison, Wisconsin, April 19-20, at The Brink Lounge.

Here's a sampling:

Anti Social Recruiters – can you really make placements, find clients and candidates in social media? Is twitter really just a place where recruiters hang out? Are you better off spending your time on traditional recruitment techniques over using social channels? Is it all hype and Koolaid or is there substance in the Social Recruiting talk?

Battle of the Bloggers – There’s many benefits to running a well read blog but the skill and discipline needed to build a community around it and to generate real benefit for business or an enhancement of employer as well as personal brand. Since #trulondon there has been a noticeable uptake in blogging in the sector, attend the track and join the crowd.

Being Mobile – What’s the future for integrating mobile technologies with recruitment strategies including Ipod applications, geo-tagging and other mobile media...with interesting examples from Europe. Should mobile be integrated into candidate and client strategy or is it all hype. You get to decide.

These are pretty amazing folk to be around. If your interested in upping your recruiting game, then Madison is where it's at.

And then there's:

Grow Your Business – What is the best strategy for increasing recruiter revenue streams? What do HR, Hiring Managers, and Candidates really want from Recruiters and how can you deliver this to increase your business. Should recruiting be relational or transactional and how much time should be spent on the phone selling?

And that'll be me. Yes, I was honored to be included as a track leader. I'm excited to flip the selling model back and forth between what I help HR and recruitment suppliers do versus what recruiters should be doing.

Whether you agree or not (wink).

Be TRU to yourself. Come join a word-food fight at TRU USA.

Again with the staying up past my bedtime.

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