A senile cat that wails for hours pre-dawn and breaks the family sleep cycle makes for cranky folk, especially when pregnant mama and toddler daughter have colds.

And then there's all the crap spam email I have to sort through first thing every morning.

This morning is no exception (with the cat and toddler still wailing in the background). I'm really grumpy and must call out Avon.

Why Avon compared to all the other spam I get about Russian wives, Viagra and monetary transfer offers?

Because I asked them to remove me from their mailing list. Three times. And they still haven't done it.

The reason I got on their mailing list is because of their support of domestic violence awareness and other causes.

I receive 3-5 emails per week from Avon and I do not wear make-up. Really, I don't. None of the emails I receive from them are about my interests.

We manage a list of over 80K HR decision makers available to HR suppliers and understand what it takes to stay compliant and keep the opt-out rate as low as possible. Same for our house list that we market to.

Note to all of you out there who manage list rentals and/or your house marketing lists:

Thank you. *sigh*

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