Virtual Presentations: Tinkering with Possibility (starts with our Workplace Violence Webinar)

Sometimes a workplace topic deserves more than the standard webinar format: boring slide presentation heavily laden with eyes-glazing-over content while attendees have to wait until the end to get their text-only questions answered.

The level of attentiveness decreases with every dry moment that passes, and then when the end is reached, the first question asked is "Can I get a copy of the presentation?" -- and what that really means is "I'll most likely never read it or share it, but thank you for sending."

Sometimes a workplace topic deserves a different treatment, a different way of reaching and engaging attendees, of teaching them something they can apply to their companies today -- like what we're doing with tomorrow's Violence in the Workplace: Interactive Roundtable, sponsored by EmployeeScreenIQ.

A new low-cost, high-return, highly-engaging format that includes:

And there are a lot more presentation possibilities "presenting" themselves every single day.

So join us tomorrow, January 20, at 2:00 p.m. ET (11:00 a.m. PT) for the Violence in the Workplace: Interactive Roundtable where we'll be tinkering with possibility:

Every year over two million incidents of workplace violence occur in the United States, costing businesses $70 billion a year, including over $64 billion due to lost productivity. Workplace violence includes co-worker violence, customer/client violence, domestic violence and criminal violence per the Bureau of Labor Statistics survey data.

The special guest panel will include:

- Kim Wells, Executive Director, Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence
- Mark A. Lies II, Partner, Seyfarth Shaw Law Firm
- Dennis Butler, SPHR, Owner/Consultant, Crossings HR Solutions, LLC (Former Vice President, Workplace Solutions Liz Claiborne, Inc.)
- W. Barry Nixon, SPHR, Executive Director, National Institute for the Prevention of Workplace Violence, Inc.
- Bernard S. Dyme, President & CEO, Perspectives Ltd

The topics will include:

- The roots of workplace violence and why workplace violence been on the rise (or not).
- The many risks companies face legally and financially because most don’t have formal policies on workplace violence.
- What employers should do to better assess, address and prevent workplace violence.

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