Holy Smokes, we've got a marketing and PR "Cloud" upgrade.

You're probably wondering what the heck does that mean? Is that fluffy hi-tech product launch marketing jargon?

Yes. Yes, it is.

It's pretty cool stuff, though. You can read the press release or read on below.

Our latest innovative product development better meets HR suppliers' marketing and PR needs.

Specifically, it helps you better plan, manage, execute, track and measure your marketing and PR efforts.

Google Analytics: Effective best practice marketing combined with HRmarketer.com results in increased traffic to your web site, which you can now monitor from your HRmarketer dashboard with our latest My Google Analytics "cloud" computing feature. If you use Google Analytics, you can activate this feature in your dashboard module, conveniently displaying the last 12-months of your company's web site traffic.

Related measurement features already available on HRmarketer include Keyword Rankings (measure your company's SEO effectiveness) and My Company News (measure your company's online visibility - including Twitter activity). Following our marketing best practices and using HRmarketer properly will increase your company's:

Improvements to Direct2Net (our search-optimized press release distribution platform): In addition to some cosmetic enhancements, you can now automatically send a Tweet about your press releases (with a link to it) if you have a Twitter account. To use this feature, simply complete the necessary "Twitter" fields when sending your next search-optimized release via HRmarketer. Other improvements include the ability to schedule your wire releases for a specific date/time, and save/retrieve your uploaded news images. Finally, you can now assign "categories" to your release that help categorize your release on selected syndication sites we partner with.

Recent Journalist Tweets: Twitter has become an effective media relations tool and its adoption rate amongst journalist is skyrocketing. For media contacts that have Twitter accounts you can view their tweets on their HRmarketer profiles - updated in real time. We've now aggregated all recent tweets from HR media contacts and show them in the new database "Recent Tweets" - a new link on your left sidebar under the Media Outlets section.

New Configuration for Left Sidebar Menu: We've reorganized HRmarketer.com user interface to group features around the service’s key benefits of helping HR vendors plan, execute and measure their marketing and public relations. A summary of these features includes:

We have plenty of other exciting features planned for 2010 which you will hear about soon!

Contact us at info (at) hrmarketer.com or call 831-685-9700 for more information on any of these features or schedule a free HRmarketer.com demonstration.

If you're a current HRmarketer.com member, contact us for a refresher course at info@hrmarketer.com or call 831-685-9700.

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