Got a cool HR strategy? Win an iPad in HRExaminer's Blank Slate Challenge.

Inspired by Apple's announcement of their "game changing" iPad, the folks at HRExaminer have announced a very interesting contest.

In their words:
"Imagine an HR led strategy that could produce results in your organization like the iPhone has for Apple. How would you change the way you recruit, hire, develop and retain your employees so they could reach their full potential while keeping them engaged?

How would you change your company go-to-market strategy in areas like product, sales and marketing? Step in their shoes for a while and then come back to your expertise – people. Would you re-design one of your own internal HR functions like Recruiting to drive your game-changer? What is it going to to take to produce a game-changer? Who is it going to take to produce a game changer?"

If so, you can submit a 200-1,000 word essay describing a game-changing HR led strategy that you could announce by February 28 in your company and begin implementation by the end of Q1 2010 – around the time the Apple iPad is set to ship. DETAILS HERE.

The folks at "see this as a way to re-challenge your own assumptions for 2010 and that of your organization – even what HR ‘does’. Assume that your CEO loves the idea, the CFO is cutting the check, and that you will get everything you need to make your plan happen. Tell us how HR will transform your company into a better place to work and work better".

Very cool. We look forward to reading about the winning strategy!

BTW - for those who don't already know, is a new magazine focused on the people, technology, ideas and careers of senior leaders in Human Resources and Human Capital. The company is located in Bodega Bay, California. Keep an eye on them - I think they are going to be a welcome and impactful addition to the human resource marketplace.

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