Influencers work; workers influence. I thank you all for yours.

Recently John Sumser visited us at HRmarketer and delivered yet another fascinating HR industry presentation, as only John can do.

A big meaty filet migmon, bloody, with just a bit of gristly fat on one end for more chewing pleasure. So much so I pass out after every one of his meals. Sometimes during.

Then John said this:

Influencers don't work; workers don't influence.

I dunno. Sure there was more context around the statement, but his point was that to be a true influencers you have to spend your time influencing, not "working".

But that's work, isn't it? Especially when you're an intelligent, long-time trusted, sometimes curmudgeonly controversial influencer like John.

And then there's the other side of that where workers don't influence. That's not quite right either, because otherwise we wouldn't have associations or unions or other workforce orgs pushing policy, or employees influencing the birth flexible work schedules and telecommuting as a new way to work.

I won't win any philosophical HR debates with John anytime soon, but it is exciting to end up on his new top 25 HR digital influencers of 2009 as presented in his latest online magazine endeavor -

It's important to note that this wasn't a peer-reviewed list of influencers and there are many naysayers out there who poo-poo lists of any kind like this. This listing was no exception and I did notice low-level rumblings in the sociomediasphere.

In the first study of its kind, and Traackr partnered to define the 25 most influential members of the online HR community. Using Traackr's proprietary algorithm, the study surveyed online activity in the Human Resources area.

The survey measured:

Also of note:

You know, I haven't been spreading social media fairy dust and magic Bea pollen around the HR marketplace just because I want to be liked.

Well, a little bit.

The fact is, I care deeply about the HR marketplace and all the players therein, whether they be on the vendor side or the buyer side. Building relationships and sharing valuable content (and fun) is where it's all at for me. Social media has allowed me to do that more than anything else in all my professional-blend-to-personal life.

In the decade I've been in the space, I've learned volumes from John and from the folks in the top 25 HR digital influencers of 2009, and from so many others far and wide and here and there and everywhere.

However, business is business, and I'm also all about growing it. All of us at HRmarketer fully understand the marketing power one can wield when those trusted relationships are a fleet of ships that set sail in red oceans and blue on behalf of you. Social media as a marketing channel has done just that for us.

We've worked hard. You've worked hard.

Influencers work; workers influence.

I thank you all for yours. Happy Holidays!

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