Naughty or Nice? The right HR Tech helps make HR more relevant

So I'm reading Steve Boese's An HR Technology Wish List on this fine Black Friday morn (queue the cool Steely Dan song), nodding after each point including the ones about robots, going mobile and puppies, and I keep coming back to something Shafiq Lokhandwala, CEO of NuView Systems, Inc., said to me in one of my latest HR Market Share podcast interviews (will be live in a couple of weeks).

The right HR technology helps make HR more relevant.

It was something like that. At first I thought, well, there's going to be some grievances filed on that one, but the more I thought about it and its context, the more I agreed.

It's not that HR is no longer relevant - the HR Happy Hour and Fistful of Talent gang and Chief Global Member Engagement Office at SHRM China Gorman all agree this conversation is dead.

It's the fact that many small to mid-size organizations have yet to automate most if any HR processes and systems.

And with the right HR tech comes:

Hence helping make HR more relevant.

Naughty or nice? I'm going with very nice.

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