Book Review: Getting More From Your Training Programs

We are in the process of identifying and selecting some training programs for various departments at

Research over several decades indicates that only between 10 to 20 percent of employees apply what they learn in training programs to achieve business results.


So when I saw this recent e-book announcement from member RealTime Performance on “Getting More From Your Investment in Training: The 5A’s Framework” I was interested.

I downloaded the first two chapters (this was their content offer - very nice).

The e-book, authored by Dr. Stephen J. Gill and RealTime Performance CEO Sean P. Murray, addresses the internal organizational roadblocks to effective learning and guides managers through a framework to help them get more business impact from their every dollar invested in training.

The "framework" outlined in the book, called the 5A's Framework, offers a description of the factors that lead to a learning culture and outlines steps to ensure that training investments will produce desired business results. The areas (5 "A"'s) include alignment, anticipation, application, alliance and accountability.

It's a pretty good read. Check it out.

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