Being a proud marketing account rep mama

It is interesting as I speak to clients and prospects and hear about their marketing strategy as very forward and organized thinking or “oh my gosh it is time to do some marketing,” I wonder if which is less time consuming and more successful.

AHHH - I know, the answer is very obvious, but the strategy to build a strong marketing strategy, and planning for a FULL YEAR of opportunities is not so obvious. I posted a blog this past July that discussed one company’s very successful SHRM annual conference strategy - kudos again to Mangrove Employer Services and I look forward to understanding in time how successful it was from SHRM lead to sale.

Recently a client of HRMarketer, KellyOCG, spoke to me about the time that they need to use in order to get their budget approved for 2010, and all of the research, consideration, information, and the many details they need – but as Zachary Misko says – it is only to be successful in the next year. Zachary actually kindly called me out of the blue to thank me for selling him, a PR/marketing database resource tool, that gave him all of this information in one complex and comprehensive online tool. YES – HE CALLED ME TO THANK ME, (thanks Zachary, you are the best). He said that it saved him an unbelievable amount of time going and clicking all over the internet to find it, and BOOM there it was for him to use. He also kindly helped us create a case study on Kelly OCG and this process for our content.

So not only did Zachary contact me to understand HRmarketer’s products and services to consider, he has also contacted a number of other vendors, built portfolio’s of information, built his “want to have” list from each vendor, and is presenting this to him manager for his budget for next year.

So when he gets his budget approved, he can go back to each vendor, advises of the programs, products and services he will be doing with them and moves forward into November knowing that he is all prepared to LAUNCH into 2010 with a plan that is strong, though through and in most cases, complimentary to any of the other programs that he has. WELL DONE SIR!

Now Zachary and Kelly OCG are not the only clients that I have spoken to me recently about building a program to work on together that will include a number of complimentary products and services that will give the best results. I know that, Pangea, Plateau Systems and Remedy Interactive are all in this process right now – so well done to all of you too.

I am sure that next year will be a successful year for many companies, but with a strong, thought through, organized, strategized and well managed program – it is almost guaranteed.

Marketing is hard work!

Post by Rita Jackson

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