HRmarketer's New E-Clipping Service Helps HR Vendors Track News Coverage on Web, Blogs and Social Networking Sites

We introduced a new eClipping service today! See the search-optimized press release here.

HRmarketer's president Kevin Grossman sums up this new feature well by saying:

“Our new e-clipping service helps HRmarketer become a central resource where HR suppliers can plan, manage, execute and measure their company's marketing, PR and SEO initiatives. For years our members have asked for a media tracking service to help them locate news coverage and media placements. Now we can help them measure which news announcements best resonate with various media audiences including blogs and social media sites.”

OK - what are the details?
The announcement comes just months after launched the “SEO Center,” allowing HR suppliers to improve their search engine visibility and track their keyword rankings on Google, Yahoo, and Bing—plus monitor the impact of Web site content changes on search rankings. Later this year the company plans to introduce an upgraded “Marketing Planner” tool, enabling vendors to produce comprehensive and interactive reports to help vendors measure and track their marketing and PR investments.

What we love about this service is that, like our the keyword ranking tool, it doesn't lie. If you don't invest in SEO, marketing, sending search-optimized press releases, direct email marketing, social networking, etc. then your News page will be blank. And if your news page is blank then your customers - HR decisions makers - are likely not finding you when they go online.

To learn more please contact HRmarketer info [at] or call us at 831-685-9700.

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