The Latest HR Market Share Podcast: Interview with Stephen A. Lowisz, President and CEO of Qualigence, Inc.

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Our latest episode features an interview with Stephen A. Lowisz, President and Chief Executive Officer of Qualigence, Inc., a recruitment research and professional search firm that Stephen founded in 1999. Qualigence identifies professionals from all industries and position levels and can develop qualified and culturally-fit passive candidates into interested candidates for your organization. Their cost-effective research and recruiting methods are the reason they’ve grown to become the largest recruitment research firm in the U.S. Qualigence is also launching the first annual Recruitment Learning Conference September 29-30 (which is next week right on the heels of HR Tech in Chicago, IL)

Stephen is seeing companies ramping up, particularly for exempt positions in the human resource, training and development, marketing and technology industries. Lowisz is also experiencing companies evaluating their current staff.

Stephen also points out that companies that previously laid off a percentage of their staff are now at a stage where they are hiring. However, those companies have re-evaluated their needs and found that although they are hiring, they are looking for people to meet a different skill set than what they previously required.

Thank you and enjoy!

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