The Latest HR Market Share Podcast: Interview with Steve Boese, the HR Technology Man

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Our latest episode includes some HR technology insight (or lack thereof with HR folk) and an interview with Steve Boese, an adjunct professional at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York who teaches Human Resources Technology. He developed and delivers one of the few Graduate level courses fully dedicated to technology for the Human Resources function. Course topics include HRIS, ERP, Talent Management, collaboration, and social software. Steve is also the host of the HR Happy Hour Show on Blog Talk Radio, co-host of the monthly HR Tech Twitter chats, and is an all around plethora of HR tech knowledge.

Steve shares his opinion on why the adoption rate of human resource technology is low among small and mid-sized companies.

He attributes some of the lack of adoption to a perception that technology offerings are very expensive, as well as a perception that the technology is complex. For smaller companies with limited resources, adopting a new technology can be a daunting task. Steve recommends that HR supplies address the business issues with prospective customers. It’s important for suppliers to really take into consideration the lack of awareness among HR professional when educating them on the benefits of their technology.

Thank you and enjoy!

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