70 Percent of Journalists Use Social Networks to Assist in Reporting

We learned about this interesting statistics from a post by Jeremy Porter on his blog Journalistics. For details and comments please visit his post.

Do you believe this is the case in the human resources industry?

My opinion - we're getting there. But we are nowhere near 75% yet.

I know this because our HRmarketer.com on-demand marketing and PR application has a media outlets database that tracks all the media outlets across the entire spectrum of human resources, from recruiting to employee benefits. In addition to EdCals and a bunch of other pertinent information, this database tracks all the journalists that write for these outlets.

Well, earlier this year we started tracking the key social networking applications these HR journalists use. So members of HRmarketer.com can now quickly find a journalist's Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account information - if they have one.

And as of this week, about 40%-50% of the journalists we track have an account on one or more of the above social networking services.

No doubt this percentage is increasing daily. So we'll be at 75% or greater soon.

And as Jeremy wrote in his blog post:
"….The survey also found that 69 percent of respondents go to company websites to assist in their reporting, while 66 percent use blogs, 51 percent use Wikipedia (wow), 48 percent go to online videos (double wow), and 47 percent use Twitter and other microblogging services (would have guessed higher on this one)….."
This is why it is so important for HR vendors to use social networking in their marketing and of course search-optimize their web site, produce original "content", send search-optimized press releases, blog, podcast, etc., etc.

This is why Kevin Grossman, president of HRmarketer, chose to write an eBook on the subject of social networking.

The eBook, Conversation Starters, couldn't be more timely. And it is a fabulous eBook. If you have not downloaded it yet, please do so. It's free and you don't need to complete any download forms - just grab it here.

What else can you do? Jeremy sums it up with his statement:
"….If you’re a public relations professional, social media represents the most immediate path to increased results. If you position yourself as a source (and don’t do anything stupid to tick off a journalist through these social channels), you could find a goldmine of new publicity opportunities for you and your clients. Also, as a final note, don’t overlook your online newsroom. Journalists still consider your online newsroom as the top source for credible information on you....".
Need help? Read Conversation Starters or contact the HRmarketer.com Services Group.

Good luck!

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