What Makes a Great Company? Netflix has some answers.

John Sumser, CEO of Two Color Hat and one of the top minds in the HR space shared the following post on his Facebook page yesterday.
"Culture. No, I really like this presentation set. Netflix shakes the tree. Performance management in action. http://bit.ly/19zNHk"
The PowerPoint deck John links to is titled "Reference Guide on our Freedom & Responsibility Culture". It is 125 pages but a quick and highly worthwhile read.

The PowerPoint author is Netflix's founder Reed Hastings and it highlights the "performance management" philosophy of Netflix. It is a remarkable document. Some sound-bytes:
When I Googled "Netflix culture" and looked at all the attention this presentation is receiving on web sites, news pages, blogs and social networking sites, I was amazed at just how viral this has become.

I don't know the circumstances behind making this presentation publicly available but kudos to whoever made the decision. Not only does it validate the concepts and beliefs most great companies (large and small) already know about building a great organization but more importantly it is fabulous "employment branding" for NetFlix - this is the document's real value.

What I particularly like about this document is that unlike most Best Companies to Work For lists, which tend to focus on perks given to employees, this gets to the heart of what makes a great company. And any CEO of any size company can learn from what Netflix has shared.

Thanks for sharing NetFlix.

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