The Unregulated Onsite Wellness Industry: A Model White Paper.

Imagine this.....

"During an employer sponsored flu shot clinic, a staff member accidentally gave two pneumonia shots instead of one flu and one pneumonia shot. The incident was reported to the company’s Medical Director, who investigated the accident. The Medical Director discovered the staff member who gave a flu shot was not a nurse but a Medical Assistant (MA) who is not qualified to give a flu shot without a licensed doctor being present at the site. The company now faces a potential lawsuit from the employee who received two pneumonia shots". - excerpt from "Best Practices in On-Site Wellness Series: Guidelines for Choosing a Health Screening and Flu Shot Vendor.
The Wild West is alive and well in the world of on-site health screenings according to a new white paper by Summit Health, the nation’s largest provider of on-site wellness programs.

This is a tremendous white paper from Summit Health and worth a call-out in this blog because I think all of us who produce content for marketing can learn something from this white paper..


Five reasons.

1. It's useful and educational: The white paper helps employers better understand the on-site wellness marketplace and how to choose a vendor. It even includes dozens of sample questions employers can use in RFP's and when evaluating potential providers (this is a huge value). HR people will love this.

2. It's newsworthy: It's a compelling topic that will interest the media and lead to very good coverage.

3. It's a little edgy: This white paper pushes the envelope by drawing attention to a sensitive issue in the on-site wellness marketplace - the fact that many companies are using vendors that are unlicensed.

4. It's not promotional: An absolute must for credibility and to avoid turning off the media. In this 21 page white paper the company "Summit Health" was only mentioned ONCE and that was on the last page. Very nice.

5. It's timely: It's summer when most companies plan for their on-site flu shots. It's even more timely when you consider all the attention the Swine Flu is getting.

And what I really like about the white paper is how Summit Health is marketing it.

Aggressively. (In full disclosure, they are using several HRmarketer solutions for much of this marketing). Summit Health is using traditional and search-optimized press releases, advertising, direct marketing, media outreach, blogs, social media, and even a Podcast and Webinar are being discussed.

And the results?

Spectacular by any measurement.

Excellent work Summit Health.

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