The Latest HR Market Share Podcast: Interview with Bob Schulte, President and CEO of myStaffingPro

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Our latest episode includes some HR marketplace insight and an interview with President and CEO of HR Services Inc. and myStaffingPro, a full-featured applicant tracking and recruiting software system.

According to Bob Schulte, president and chief executive officer of HR Services Inc., 60 percent of mid-market companies do not have an applicant tracking system (ATS) for recruiting and onboarding employees.

In more than ten years since developing myStaffingPro, a full-featured applicant tracking and recruiting software system and a proprietary product of HR Services, Bob finds the majority of mid-market companies have home-grown processes in place for hiring and onboarding their workforce. Although still useful in hiring, Schulte suggests companies instead put an ATS in place. With an ATS companies can reduce recruiting and onboarding costs, reduce employee turnover and increase efficiency in the hiring process.

In evaluating a new ATS, Schulte recommends customers ensure the ATS provider go beyond simply providing a technology or a product. An ATS provider should help its customer’s understand how to use the product to make their business more efficient.

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