The Latest HR Market Share Podcast: Interview with Bernie Dyme, President and CEO of Perspectives, Ltd.

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Our latest episode includes some HR marketplace news, some very cool marketing and an interview with Bernie Dyme, President and CEO of Perspectives, Ltd., a Chicago-based human resources firm specializing in the nationwide delivery of Employee Assistance Programs, Managed Behavioral Healthcare, Work/Life Services, and Organizational/Management Consultation.

Bernie shares his take on the state of the EAP and behavioral healthcare space as well as the difference between high-touch EAP’s and free EAP’s – and the greater return companies get from high-touch EAP’s. We also have a great conversation about the challenges companies face with disruptive managers and how organizational development training can help save those employees and your business.

Bernie has experienced three economic downturns during his tenure at Perspectives, a Chicago-based workplace resources firm specializing in the nationwide delivery of EAPs, managed behavioral healthcare, work/life services, organizational development and wellness services. EAPs from Perspectives are tailored for each organization to enhance employee health and productivity by addressing personal issues, providing appropriate counseling or treatment and re-introducing employees to the workplace with renewed productivity.

In the early 1980s, Dyme saw utilization rates of EAPs by employees between two to four percent. Today, utilization rates have jumped as high as 27 percent. Dyme attributes the climb in usage rates to companies understanding the value of EAPs and championing the programs to their own employees.

Thank you and enjoy!

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