At RecruitFest! 2009, Your participation is required.

When Maren Hogan asked if we’d like to help spread the word about RecruitFest! 2009 “in an organic way” that makes sense for us and our blog readers, we said yes without hesitation.

That’s one indication of the kind of people behind RecruitFest!, not that the ubiquitous crew at need any introduction. Jason Davis operates his media businesses guided by the best elements of the online social media ethos: the commitment to sharing, learning from one another, being authentic, transparent, and generally using good manners and common sense to do the right thing. All that stuff we learned in kindergarten…

Born online, the community of uses RecruitFest! to take the conversation strictly OFFline. As they state on the Need To Know section of the event page, “The goal is real, present, communication.”

I like it.

Last year, everyone participant I spoke to liked it too.

So with blog posts, and tweets, and referrals and conversations we’re gladly lending our voice to the many saying, “Check out RecruitFest!” coming up next month in Toronto. We hope our conversations may reach some of you who don’t otherwise know about this event.

The session leaders include Geoff Webb, Stephanie Lloyd, Jerry Albright, Julia Stone, the Recruiting Animal, John Sumser, Marie Journey, Jason Davis, and Jenny DeVaughn.

Lastly, we have ONE ticket to the event to give away. If you’d like it, simply add a comment to this post or send an email to We’ll award the ticket to the first qualified entry (making sure you’re a real-deal member of the recruiting community and that you’ve read the “What you need to know about RecruitFest!” page.)

After all, “you cannot hide at RecruitFest! Your participation is required.”

RecruitFest 2009!
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UPDATE I (08/28): The RecruitFest Press Release

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