We've got tons of popular topics in our HR Directory. Here are the hot ones for July.

For those who still don't know, our HR Directory contains a “White Papers Plus” section with thousands of white papers, articles, videos, blogs, podcasts, webcasts and research. And reciprocally, thousands of HR folk including professionals, suppliers and thought leaders visit each month.

That's a ton of quality content for a lot of quality folk. July’s five most popular resources include:
You can find the HRmarketer.com HR Directory here at http://www.hrmarketer.com/community.

The directory helps HR and employee benefit suppliers showcase their companies and share their expertise with the professional HR community. It also allows them to build interactive company profiles and syndicate their content. Since a vendor’s content is hyperlinked to their Web site, it helps HR suppliers improve their search engine optimization (SEO) and generate sales leads.

The five most accessed vendor profiles in July included:
HR decision makers are looking for sources of information they can trust to help them do their job better and more efficiently. As our buyer research has shown for years, they typically turn to the Internet first. Having great content (content marketing) increases the likelihood of your company showing up on search results – and of prospects finding you first.

HR suppliers and those interested in adding white papers, webcasts and research are invited to visit http://www.hrmarketer.com/community/.

Come join in on the ton of helpful fun!

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