Things are definitely hot at the SHRM 2009 Conference & Expo

The "Big Easy" SHRM 2009 Conference & Expo in New Orleans started with a definite Mardi Gras atmosphere. Despite the oppressively hot weather (and thunderstorms after the show), everything was rockin' cool in the expo hall.

In fact, most of the suppliers we spoke with saw an unprecented amount of booth traffic for the opening expo night. And not just traffic, but quality "I'm shopping for products and services" traffic.

That is good news for the HR marketplace and the economy!

Quick shout-outs to EmployeeScreenIQ announcing their 2010 background screening trends, nowHIRE celebrating a happy and successful 10 years in talent acquisition, and TaxBreak is a first-time exhibitor at SHRM this year.

More to come from the expo floor and more shout-outs as well (I have to get crackin' and get to the expo hall).

Don't forget to stop by the HR Vendor Phonebook booth #2823 and pick up your vendor directory. (One trend of note is that most of the HR folks we talked with last night are concerned with employee recognition and retention.)

Party on Wayne. Sweet.

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