While I was busy building my business, I choked the life out of it

It’s been a long but productive week. Things are rockin’ at HRmarketer with the new SEO Center and Lead Referral Program and much more.

So the other morning I’m working out in the home gym (aka, garage gym) while watching the Today Show. A commercial comes on – one I’ve seen many times of late. Maybe you’ve seen it too.

While I was busy building my life, crap was building up in my arteries choking the life out of me

Okay, not exactly what the commercial says, but it bugs me. So, while you were busy building your life you weren’t taking care of yourself planning a healthy future for you and your family?

Apply that to building a business in today’s climate. Are you too busy building your business to keep your website search-optimized and fresh with new content for your prospects? Are you too busy to develop and execute content-rich print and email marketing campaigns? Are you too busy to send out search-optimized press releases? Are you too busy to set up a Facebook or LinkedIn group (for free)?

Are you too busy to Tweet? C’mon, even Oprah’s doing it.

We talked with a company the other day that said their marketing budget was slashed to zero.


What are you doing to generate visibility and leads then?

(Crickets chirp)

We’re just working on our current pipeline. We’ll pick things back up when things turn around.

Do you know how hard that’s going to be when your competitors shooting ahead of you online and elsewhere?

(Crickets chip)

We’ll keep working on our pipeline. Thanks.

Ironically working on your pipeline with no other marketing in play is gonna choke the life out of you, but good luck.


Focus on the future and keep your business in good health.

Happy Friday!

Post by Kevin Grossman (join me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)

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