Acquires and HR Vendor Phonebook

L to R: Kevin Grossman, Mark Willaman, Dr. Joe Outcalt, Jonathan Goodman.

I'm proud to announce some exciting news - for HRmarketer and more importantly, for HRmarketer customers.

We have acquired Outcalt & Associates, Inc., the owner of and the HR Vendor Phonebook and Directory. Press release here.

The products we have purchased will expand HRmarketer's wide-ranging menu of service and give our customers additional means to reach human capital decision-makers. and the HR Vendor Phonebook will retain their current product names but will be merged into The phonebook is considered a foremost directory of human resource and employee benefits vendors, with more than 4,500 vendors listed in the 2009 edition. It gets distributed to thousands of human resource decision makers (who have requested it) twice annually.

This product and it's sister service (a web-based, lead-referral service) boosts’s ability to help HR vendors reach HR professionals and decision-makers via web sites, print media and e-mail—as well as enabling HR vendors to increase their online visibility, web site traffic and sales leads.

In terms of integrating with HRmarketer this is about as perfect of a fit as one could ask for - the old saying "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" most certainly applies here and as more details are released (and our development team completes their integration work) our customers will see why. There are some really terrific things about to happen at HRmarketer over the next year or so. We have big plans for these products :-)

This was also one of the most pleasant business transactions I have ever participated in thanks to Dr. Joe Outcalt, founder and president of Outcalt & Associates and a man of great integrity and ability. This was an all-cash transaction that required no debt so the strong financial position of Fisher Vista, LLC will not be compromised as a result of this deal. Joe built a wonderful and highly respected business over the last 30 years. Frankly, I was fortunate to have met Mr. Outcalt and we are privileged to continue his tradition. And thankfully, Joe will be staying with HRmarketer to make sure we continue in his tradition.