The Lastest HR Market Share Podcast: Interview with Kevin Herring from Ascent Management Consulting

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This podcast series covers what's hot in the HR space; recent mergers, acquisitions and earnings; recent HR supplier news; what's working in marketing and PR and what's not; interviews with HR suppliers and other marketing/PR/business thought leaders.

The latest episode includes marketplace news, what's new with HR products and services, seemingly random acts of marketing and PR, and the podcast main feature is my interview with Kevin Herring, President of Ascent Management Consulting.

Kevin Herring talks about why cost cutting and layoffs are a losing strategy, how to discover untapped potential in every workforce, and what it takes to create remarkable leaps in innovation and performance to thrive while competitors are failing. Listen to the podcast for all the insight.

If you'd like to be interviewed on our podcast about what's working in marketing and PR or anything about the HR marketplace, or if you have feedback and suggestions for the podcast, please email me at hrmarketshare(at)hrmarketer(dot)com or kgrossman(at)hrmarkter(dot)com.

Thank you and enjoy!

Interview with Kevin Herring, President of Ascent Management Consulting.

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