Social Networking with HR Media and Analysts

Hey, all the kids are doing it – including HR media and analysts – and now we're tracking hundreds of them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

This is a new social networking feature in our expanded media relations database and we're the first media relations database service to offer this timely information. (We started tracking HR and benefits bloggers in 2007, long before the HR business community really "got it".)

Traditionally phones, emails and city desks provided the only means to reach these folks with story ideas and offers of resources. Now anyone can potentially join a conversation with a writer, editor and analyst.

Keep in mind that if they don't know you from Adam, they're probably not going to be too excited to hear from you, and may not even respond or except your Friend request or LinkedIn request or follow you on Twitter. Remember the best practices of any kind of outreach:

Once our database is fully updated with this new contact info, you'll be able to directly reach a top journalist or analyst by clicking on that individual's LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter icon (see the picture example in the post). We'll track all this information for the thousands of media contacts it covers in the HR and broader business space.

That is pretty cool stuff, don't you think? Yes, we occasionally enjoy our own Kool Aid. Have some.

Post by Kevin Grossman (join me on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn)

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