Reporting from sunny San Diego and ERE Expo Spring 2009

Today kicked off Day 1 of the ERE Expo Spring taking place this year at the San Diego Convention Center. As with the most recent Fall Expo, sessions from this event are also being streamed live on the Web and viewable from

Search on the #ereexpo Twitter hash tag for the real time commentary to support the video feed.

The “Tweet of the evening” in my view goes to Jason Coresello reporting on the ERE Excellence Awards: RT @jcorsello Microsoft is this years slumdog #ereexpo


I will be walking the floor on Tuesday, attending sessions, and hoping to grab a few news bites, some interviews, and some idea of how the Recruiting industry is holding up under the strain of this economic and employment downturn. Not to be totally glum though, as often the seeds of the next great wave of innovation and growth are sown in the midst of a down cycle economy. I’m looking for those next great companies too.

Scanning the online chatter, I notice many of the new generation of recruiting companies such as Jobvite, StandOut Jobs, Jobs2Web, BountyJobs, and being hailed as among the ones to watch.

As usual, many of these young companies come to the ERE Expo to gain exposure along with the industry standard bearers such as Monster and the new 800lb gorilla called LinkedIn.

In other news, HRmarketer is proud to be sponsoring Total Picture Radio with Peter Clayton and Peter’s reporting from the ERE Expo.

We’ve been long time fans of Peter’s work connecting career professionals with the many movers and shakers in the world of talent management.

Watch out for Peter’s interviews for ERE Spring 2009 in the coming days. It’s going to be good stuff!

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