Recruiting for a cause: gather the largest number of Afro wigs in one place at one time

I can’t even begin to put into words my empathy for recruiters in this current economy. So let me point out to those of you who don’t know me, I was in HR for over 20 years, working first as a recruiter in an agency. I then began to work directly as recruiter. Eventually, I moved into management, but retained a strong focus on recruitment. Suffice it to say – to you recruiters – I feel your pain.

I recently read Mike Astringer's blog post Can you protect your reputation as a Recruiter in a down economy? His experience points out the risks that recruiters face from disgruntled clients. And a disgruntled client could be anyone who didn’t get the job. Scary.

What can be done? Here in Santa Cruz, we have a local recruiter with an answer. Wear funny wigs, and break world records, all in the name of a good cause!

Santa Cruz looks to set record for Afro wigs

Here is our local recruiter, Virgil Robinson (note the big yellow afro wig in the picture) on Pacific Avenue in Santa Cruz (Shmuel Thaler/Sentinel).

Virgil Robinson heads an executive recruiting firm (the Kemit Group). His quirky idea: gather the largest number of Afro wigs in one place at one time. Or as he was quoted in the Sentinel article: "Our main goal is to encourage people to take bold action and try to do things that in the past they have been disinclined to do because of fear or doubt."

Robinson created the Possibility Advocate Society as a way to help his clients, (out-of-work Silicon Valley professionals) to maintain their optimism. Take a look at his social networking sight –

Talk about making lemonade – then passing it out to the thirsty masses! This event will also benefit some lucky (unlucky?) mortgage holder, behind in their mortgage payments.

You say you don’t like Afro wigs? In June 2009, he plans another world record attempt, “The largest Bikini & Speedo photo shoot”. That is a cause worth supporting!

But before they get there, check out how they broke the Afro wig record!

Post by Dawn Passaro

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