Johnson and Johnson: Employee Health Indicators

Pssssst. Six percent of Johnson and Johnson employees have high blood pressure. And 4% use tobacco.

Sounds like a healthy group.

How do I know this?

While reading the annual report of Johnson and Johnson, one of the worlds most admired companies (#5), I came across a very interesting chart titled "Sustainability Measures" (see image in this post).

I've never seen anything like this before - in any company's annual report. The data is a "sampling of the sustainability programs of Johnson & Johnson" and includes information on J&J's impact on the environment, employee safety (e.g., fleet car accidents) and employee health (percent who use tobacco).

Very impressive for a couple of reasons. One, they actually collect this data which my guess is puts them in the top 1% of companies worldwide. Two, they share it with the public. Three, it's a fabulous corporate PR initiative as it shows the company cares about this sort of stuff and is doing something about it. And although difficult to measure I'm sure it plays into the J&J corporate brand - both with customers and potential employees (recruiting and retention).

Very cool. I'd love to know how J&J's human resource department was involved in this - my guess is very much.