Whatever you do, stay close to the spark ne'er mind the burn

Last week Mark and I spoke in depth about our firm, who we are, what we have and where we're going. And we agreed that at the center of it all we're a:

Marketing and PR Software and Services Firm

Everything we development for our online service, everything traditional and Web 2.0 tactic we practice in our services group – the very spark from Mark's mind nine years ago – is to generate visibility, traffic and leads for HR vendors and senior care vendors.

We're a Marketing and PR Software and Services Firm.

This week I read a post from Chris Brogan (social media marketer extraordinaire – check him out) asking the question "where is the kernel of your blog?":

In software terms, a kernel is the deep core functionality of your operating system. It's really that which defines the rest of what follows. Kernels are tiny cores from which everything else flows.

Could you distill your blog down to a simple operational kernel around which you'd write the rest of your "code?"

To me that applies to the kernel of your business as well – the fundamental core of why you're in business in the first place – and all your marketing and PR activities, the ones you're tempted to snuff out in times such as these, must reignite a marketplace conversation no matter how long the ice age.

Whatever you do, stay close to the spark ne'er mind the burn.

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