Recruiters step up: new opportunities (may be) abound

While the unemployment rate rises to record highs, recruiters are scrambling for their lives. However, there is some potential new opportunity for recruiters, if they act quickly. An article by Nick Carey titled Hiring firms gear up for US finance mop-up, stimulus highlights this opportunity.

The article points out that the economic stimulus package will create jobs, and this may translate to the need for recruiters. Not only that, but according to the article, "U.S. policymakers are considering whether to place toxic or virtually worthless assets left in the wake of the financial crisis into a bank cleanup program that some analysts estimate could cost as much as $4 trillion. Although the exact form of these programs has yet to be decided, staffing companies say they are preparing to fill a raft of different jobs with accountants, engineers, lawyers, bankers, mortgage specialists and compliance officers."

Some of these jobs will be filled directly through the President's own job board:, which isn't up and running yet, but will be soon, according to the website.

It's my guess that many of the non-skilled labor positions can and will be filled through the President's job board, but not all positions will be filled that way. The need for professionals (accountants, engineers, lawyers, bankers, mortgage specialists and compliance officers) to help with the bank cleanup program is a ray of hope for those recruiters who can respond quickly.

Way back in the day, when I worked at Home Savings after the collapse in the Savings and Loan Industry, there was demand for qualified accountants CPR's and compliance officers to work for the Resolution Trust Corporation (RTC). These candidates have always been hard to find, and will likely be found through recruitment agencies. My advice is start looking for these candidates now.

But screen the guys in the cartoon out! (Or would that be EEOC discrimination, even against cartoons?)

Post by Dawn Passaro

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