Psychometricians can help find the sweet spot. Oh yeah. (The latest HRchitect Beauty Pageant – Mid-Market ATS)

The latest HRchitect Beauty Pageant last Friday was definitely in my sweet spot – applicant tracking system vendors. Six quality suppliers strutted their stuff up and down the stage and three of the six rocked the house as far as I'm concerned.

It's anyone's guess what's going to happen this year in talent acquisition and talent management. The economy stinks. Hiring is all but frozen. Executive management is deferring most major software purchases. Most TA/TM vendors are slashing head count (except for Taleo according to Bill's latest article). Some vendors will die, some will be gobbled up, some non-TA companies will take a shot in the space – and those that survive will come out the other side of midnight in (hopefully) better shape.

As long as they keep their marketing and PR machine revved and running. And if you use a marketing/PR firm, make sure they're the right fit and know how to generate visibility, website traffic and sales leads.

That's why the beauty pageant is such a great way to let vendors shine in a 7-minute snapshot; the marketing/sales pitch distilled in a tasty little memorable shot.

Last Friday's participants included: SmartRecruiters, iCIMS, SonicRecruit, BHI (Batrus Hollweg International), nowHIRE and SmartSearch.

Here are the stand-out differentiators for me:

As I said, all the vendors did a good job, but iCIMS, SonicRecruit and nowHIRE did an outstanding job.

iCIMS won and nowHIRE was the runner up. I thought SonicRecruit should've been in the winners' circle with nowHIRE, but the attendees' votes were heard. (Sorry Adam. You did look really good in that tiara.)

Next week's pageant is all about onboarding and you can sign up here.

(Full disclosure: is now a media partner for HRchitect's Beauty Pageants and iCIMS, SonicRecruit, nowHIRE and SmartSearch are all active HRmarketer members. But these pageants are legit, objective and the ballot boxes are not stuffed. The vendor pitches and the webcast attendees' votes are what count.)

Post by Kevin Grossman

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