Mingle Bells, Mingle Bells, Mingle All The Way

Unfortunately we were behind-the-eight-ball bloggers last week when we neglected to mention that our founder, Mark Willaman, was going to be the first guest on HRchitect's WebMingle last Friday, December 5.

What's a WebMingle? Well, it's a 45-minute online conversation that features industry news and interview with industry executives, analysts, practitioners, consultants, and really anybody who has an interest and stake in the puzzling world of HR Technology.

Matt Lafata, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for HRchitect, is the host of the WebMingle and interviewer. The first show with Mark was an invaluable journey into the steel-trap mind of a marketing/PR maestro. I ain't kidding. It was really good.

According to Matt's blog post about it:

As somebody who has been involved in marketing for many years, I was particularly interested to hear Mark's position on many different areas and he provided a great deal of insight. He was certainly preaching to the choir with me in regards to many of the topics he touched on and I hope people enjoyed hearing what he had to say. One particular piece of information that I have also been a huge proponent of was when Mark re-iterated that a slow or bad economy is no time to cut marketing efforts. These efforts should stay the same or increase as others are going to panic and cut budgets and those that stay the course are more likely to weather the storm. In any event, lots of great information and I encourage you to listen to the interview at your convenience.

You can listen to the WebMingle archive here on blogtalkradio.

Up next, this Friday, December 12, at 11:00 a.m. PT, Adam Feigenbaum from iCIMS, the winner of HRchitect's Talent Acquisition Systems Beauty Pageant Webinar.

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