A guy walks into a blog and says, “I’ll have a number 14, please.”

So it's post T-day early morning and I'm trying to unstuff some hopefully not-so-dried-out unwritten blog posts – one of which is why HR Suppliers of a certain size and weight, injected with VC hormones and angel antibiotics, equate big media (ego) placements with aggressive lead gen?

Frustrating. But before I can tackle that one I get sidetracked because deep dive focus is hard to come by when you've got calls to make, e-mail to check, Twitterers to tweet, Facebookers to face, LinkedInners to link to, TotSpotters to spot, diapers to change, and before I get too carried away (which is too late), many blogs to read.

Including the prolific folk over at Fistful of Talent and their latest post The Talent Management Blog Power Rankings 2.0.

This is their second round of Talent Management Blog Power Rankings where they looked at 115 Talent, HR and Recruiting-related blogs and compiled a list of the very best. You can check out FOT's entire top 25 in their post, but here's a peek at the top 14:

1. cheezhead

2. The Recruiter Guy

3. Jim Stroud's The Recruiters Lounge

4. Compensation Force

5. Personal Branding Blog - Dan Schawbel

6. Your HR Guy

7. AmyBeth Hale - Research Goddess

8. All Things Workplace

9. Employee Evolution

10. Great Leadership

11. Learn @ Trizle

12. TalentMash by Kristin Gissarro

13. Andy Headworth's Sirona Says

14. HRmarketer.com

Did you see that? Number 14! We had an honorable mention last time, so this was a pleasant surprise. What a cool crowd to be hangin' with. We are honored. If you want to be in the know of all things talent and marketing in the HR marketplace, read these cats. Really. (Okay, so a big placement can help heat the meat thermometer. I'm just sayin'…)

Now, back to getting sidetracked – I mean – back to work. I've got to quit jet skiing.

Post by Kevin Grossman

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